Healthy(ish) Eating

So I know the rules about ‘healthy eating’.  They are strict and punitive and make me feel endlessly guilty for my failure to stick to them myself or to instil them in my children.

I am a survivor of numerous toddler groups where at least one mum insisted that her children could never eat cakes or chocolate (generally whilst my child sat in a pool of crumbs, chocolate smearing her mouth).

When other mothers announce with pride that their child has never eaten in McDonald’s, I wonder what their ‘super healthy’ solution to a late night journey on the motorway with two hungry children is  and curse them for being so damned smug!

To make matters worse, my children (or my eldest, and most pious child to be precise) has now joined the throng of critics.  After a day-long visit to a friend’s house recently, she returned home full of missionary zeal to give me a 30 minute lecture about the ways we should be running our household, to include insisting that every family member consumes their 5 a day.  Two months on and she has not tired of keeping a running check on our progress, dismissing with scepticism my insistence that baked beans count.  Well don’t they?


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