Resolutions all round.

Last week, I wrote in Families Magazine my resolution intentions for 2015 (

This week, it appears that my children have decided to jump on the bandwagon and have both made lists of things they intend to do differently in the New Year.  My children are 2 years apart in age but worlds apart in their thinking and nowhere is this more ably demonstrated than in their lists of resolutions:

Ana’s list:

Consists of 22 resolutions.  Now I realise that we may all manage to think of numerous things we should be doing differently, but 22?  The girl clearly has high hopes for change and personal development.

Her resolutions cover every aspect of life from those that might be perceived by anyone else as stating the obvious:  8 ‘Blow my nose’ (??) or 16. ‘Brush hair’; via some fairly standard resolution fare:  1. ‘Be kind to family’, 4. ‘Work hard’ or 22. ‘Keep the table clean and lay the table’; right up to the seriously deep and meaningful resolutions that would surely impress even the Dalai Lama:  21. ‘Stand up for what I believe’ or 19. ‘Be true to myself’.

One of the most interesting aspects of Ana’s list is her distinct lack of categorisation.  She moves seamlessly from the apparently trivial, to the surprisingly profound so we end up with the bizarre combination of points number 16-18:

ana resolutions

Faith’s list:

Well to start with, this list is considerably shorter with a reasonably eclectic mix of resolutions (not hampered in the slightest by Faith’s inability to pronounce the word!).

It starts with some pretty standard entries:  ‘helpful’, ‘hard work’ and the oddly phrased ‘hard writer’, but then Faith veers (as is her tendency) from the path of normality, into the slightly surreal with her final two resolutions:  ‘cuddling every night’ and the Pièce de résistance:  ‘kind…..…like a little fox’.   Umm…OK, Faith.

2015 is clearly going to be an interesting year:  I am looking forward to seeing how my ‘little fox’ and her deep-thinking sister get on!


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